As the custody battle over baby Nahla intensifies, Halle Berry was advised not to ask the Family Court judge for permission to move her daughter across the pond to France. Since starting to date actor Olivier Martinez, Berry has been hellbent on moving to the European country he was born in. Halle’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, is fighting for custody because he feels if Berry moves their daughter to Europe, he will forever lose his relationship with Nahla.

Although Aubry must have supervised visitation, Halle Berry’s attorney counseled the Oscar winning actress to wait six months before going forward. Rather than listen to her lawyer, she fired them and hired a new attorney who would do what she said and not advise against her wishes. Now that Berry has requested to take her child to France, she must wait for 6-9 months for a judge to decide.

Is Halle Berry going to far with this whole moving to France to be with a boyfriend thing too far? Men, what would you do if you were Gabriel Aubry? Share your thoughts on the situation in the comments.



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