Today the Obamas circled back with the official lineup, which includes Black Girls Rock founder Beverly Bond on the ones and twos, and a live discussion with Leonardo DiCaprio about his 'Before the Flood' documentary.

The Life

Throwback Thursday is only fun when you dig deep down in the vault into unknown territory. This week, we did just that with some of our favorite celebrities.

Stacey Dash clearly hasn't finished riding the wave of her first (and last) Academy Awards appearance, because she just can't seem to stop bringing up the awkward night that happened weeks ago.

The Academy isn’t giving Leonardo DiCaprio a statue anytime soon – no matter how good he is – so now the actor is setting himself up for an Emmy. He’s taking his talents to Showtime and developing an 80’s mafia drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be written by Ray Donovan‘s Brett Johnson and it will centered […]

  “We found love in a hopeless place!”   Not quite sure how anyone could see the Playboy Mansion as a hopeless place, but it may have just been the location for new-found love. While attending an event at every man’s imaginary version of what Heaven looks like, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were allegedly seen […]

Who says there’s a child star curse? There are plenty of celebrities who got their big break on children’s shows. Take a look at these stars who started out on shows for kids.

  Rapper Q-Tip is getting into television in a major way. He is partnering with Oscar nominated actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill to produce a drama series loosely based on Q-Tip’s time in A Tribe Called Quest and as a member of the Native Tongues collective. While it may seem strange for Q-Tip to be […]

So we can all agree Leonardo DiCaprio is one hell of an actor, yes? Okay. But what if we there was a trailer that threaded…

There are rumors that Clint Eastwood is hoping to get Leonardo DiCaprio to co-star with Beyonce in his remake of A Star Is Born. Will Smith was also mentioned but Eastwood reportedly feels Leonardo will make things a bit more interesting. Clint is currently working with Leonardo on the J Edgar Hoover biopic so there […]