In the spirit of nostalgia, check out these TV shows that we'd love to see revived, remade, or rebooted.

Fans were shocked and saddened on October 12, when Tommy Ford, of the hit TV show Martin, passed away from complications of a stomach aneurysm. All of his co-stars from the series have shared beautiful sentiments about working with him and today (October 19), they gathered to lay their friend to rest at his funeral. Tichina Arnold, who played Pamela […]

Thomas Mikal Ford, 52, best known for his role as "Tommy" on Martin, is interned at an Atlanta hospital on life support.

We know, it’s a difficult decision. But if you had to give up one, which one would it be? Martin, or The Cosby Show? Click on the audio player to hear the discussion on The Ed Lover Show.   

Comedian JB Smoove sat down with Roland Martin to talk about the Chris Rock comedy “Top Five“on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin. Smoove made light…

Most TV shows have their own hangout they gather in each episode, but where were their actual hangout spot? Take a look below at 11 places characters hung out at for fun. 1. Rachel’s Place – “Family Matters” Once Rachel bought her restaurant she employed her family, and it became the ultimate hangout. 2. The […]

Well it’s about darn time! Actor/Comedian Martin Lawrence went on Conan with Conan O’Brian and confirmed that there is finally a script in the works and he and Will Smith are ready to come back to do another installment of the popular Bad Boys franchise. Take a look at what Martin had to say about […]

Martin went off back in 1997, but that doesn’t stop us from watching reruns over and over again. Here are 9 facts you probably didn’t know about the popular 90s sitcom. 1. Unlike most TV shows ,which were normally filmed on set in California, Martin was actually filmed in Detroit. 2. He played a total of […]

After more than a month of voting and sitcom upsets such as The Jeffersons and Good Times being voted out of the competition, we’re happy to announce the two Finalists in our Greatest Sitcom of All Time Competition: The Cosby Show and Martin. See Greatest Black Sitcom Bracket Challenge It was an easy road for […]