The state of Kanye West‘s mental health is still in question as inside sources say the rapper remains hospitalized and is currently suffering from extreme paranoia. Sadly, Kanye and Kim spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Allegedly, Kanye is so paranoid he has suspicions that people are out to get him and refuses to let the doctors […]

Kid Cudi is encouraging Black men to openly discuss their mental wellness.

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Lark Voorhies, aka "she'll always be Lisa Turtle to us," is apparently no longer an African-American.

Details about just what happened on Wednesday remain unclear. And hours after the incident, the family's attorney, William H. Murphy, Jr. tweeted a statement requesting privacy.

Things aren’t looking so good for ex-NFL running back Marion Barber III. The former Dallas Cowboy was arrested over the weekend and is being held for mental observation. According to reports, police arrested Barber around 8pm on Sunday June 15th. He was taken into custody at his home, but sources close to the incident say […]

  When out at industry events, I’ve come across actors who have said it takes a smart actor to play a dumb person on-screen. So if we apply that concept to other types of movies, we can say it takes a really lively and vivacious actress to expertly take on a dark and heavy role […]

  Things for NBA player Royce White aren’t going very well. On top of his well-chronicled mental health problems, he’s being investigated for beating up his now ex-girlfriend. According to reports, White’s ex-girlfriend Tania Mehra, who is a Maxim model, filed a police report on August 30th detailing an altercation that took place at the […]