When out at industry events, I’ve come across actors who have said it takes a smart actor to play a dumb person on-screen. So if we apply that concept to other types of movies, we can say it takes a really lively and vivacious actress to expertly take on a dark and heavy role in a film about serial killers. Actress Cassandra Freeman is prime example of being full of life and verve, yet in her latest role in the drama “Blue Caprice,” Freeman plays the ex-lover of the D.C. Sniper, played by Isaiah Washington. While many would expect the film to be a festival of bullets, blood, and carnage, “Blue Caprice” strays away from the obvious and focuses more on the mental unraveling of John Allen Muhammad and his young accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo, played by Tequan Richmond of “Everybody Hates Chris” fame.

When Cassandra Freeman stopped by our studio, we intended to do an interview about “Blue Caprice,” but wound up getting into a discussion of mental health and how it’s still considered a taboo subject in the Black community. We also got a chance to talk about how the actual sniper attacks affected her family and friends, the serendipitous way she got the role, and how the mood on set was totally different from the tone of “Blue Caprice.”

Watch the interview below and you can check out “Blue Caprice” in select theaters now.


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