Opening on February 25, 2005, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman was the first movie released by Tyler Perry. The movie introduced the world outside of the chitlin circuit to “Madea”, Perry’s wig-wearing, prosthetic-rocking, gun-toting alter ego. Made on a modest budget of $5.5 million, “Diary” went on to gross more than $50 million making […]

On Feb. 1, 2004 Houston had a big problem after Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake ended their set with what would be known the world over as “Nipplegate”. Two of the better dancers in the industry, Jackson and Timberlake were putting on a racy, but stellar show for the halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII when […]

It was the “decision” heard ‘round the world. On July 8th 2010, shortly after 9:30 pm live on ESPN, NBA superstar LeBron James (arguably the most coveted free agent in sports history) changed the landscape of professional basketball with 10 words: “This fall I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach.” Never mind that LeBron […]

Words by MC In the age of social networks, very few have managed to have the rise-of-the-machines-esq impact of Youtube. The idea that millions of people could now entertain themselves and everyone else by finally putting that comp-cam to use (for non-porn purposes) hit society at large like a bomb–loud, fast and with lasting impact. […]

On November 4th 2008 a little known Senator named Barack Obama became the first African-American to be elected President of the United States.  Obama flew under the radar early in his political career with his work as a community organizer until the 2004 Democratic National Convention where his riveting speech thrust him into the national […]

On April 21, 2003 Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Convention center in San Francisco and pronounced a new era for digital music consumption with the release of the iTunes Music Store, saying that other online music services are either illegal or unattractive. “We were able to negotiate landmark deals with […]

On June 2nd 2002 HBO premiered a gritty series called “The Wire.” The show, depicting the violent, drug infested streets of Baltimore, Maryland (or Bodymore, Murdaland) became a cult classic. Pop Culture Moment #1: Chappelle’s Show Premieres With HBO already winning with “The Sopranos,”  The Wire carved its own niche with the realistic story lines […]

Words by M.C. Could it be? Is it true? After so long, is this really be happening? We’ve all heard the rumors, but it looks like the Neo God D’Angelo is on his way back for the soul survivors. 25 Artists That Need To Be Heard: CJ Hilton Since setting the scene on fire with […]

Before the Illuminati references begin to pour in, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the astounding visuals and cinematography effects in Watch The Throne‘s most favored song– “N*ggas In Paris.” Beyonce Looks For New Talent! Jay and Ye’ square off on stage with cameos from a set of black panthers and eerie gargoyles flashing across […]

Remember “Seinfeld”? The popular 90s show named after comedian Jerry Seinfeld was famous for being about nothing at all. Similarly, Kim Kardashian and her family seem to be everywhere nowadays yet possess no skill or talent of note. Five years ago no one knew who Kim Kardashian was. She was just an unassuming stylist who […]

Words By MC Would you have guessed that Queen Latifah’s small role as Lawshawn, the tell-it-like-it-is waitress who cussed out Wesley Snipes for bringing the white girl to Sylvia’s in Spike Lee’s 1991 film Jungle Fever, would lead to a career spanning 35 movies, dozens of television roles and the official emergence of Dana Owens […]

Words by MC Even though writer Sophia Stewart’s lawsuit against the Wachowski’s was dismissed, no one should have needed a judge to tell them that the block buster film trilogy that was The Matrix, was a black brainchild. Friday Five: Places That Celebrate MLK Day Let’s examine the facts. The smartest person in the classic […]