It’s not every day that Eddie Murphy does interviews, so when he sits down for one he has great stories to share. Ahead of SNL‘s 40th anniversary show and working on more Reggae music, Billboard managed to catch the iconic comedian and conducted a lengthy Q&A with him. From stories about Rick James to working on his own music and comedy, […]

Oakland native Keyshia Cole is really going for blood in the new video for her single “Rick James” that features Juicy J. She and her crew of ladies roll to Keyshia’s two-timing man’s house while he’s in the middle of entertaining his side chick. We don’t even have to tell you what happens after that. […]

R&B singer Keyshia Cole is back to kicking ass and taking names on her brand new song “Rick James” that features Juicy J. The Oakland native named the song after the performer, but the references she makes to him come from the famous Dave Chappelle sketch. The song finds Cole sick and tired of her […]

1980s girl group Mary Jane Girls had a few hits and disappeared from the limelight. Two of its members decided they wanted to breathe some new life into the group and began touring small venues. Because of their recent concert dates, the estate of Rick James is suing them. According to the lawsuit, Kimberley “Maxi” […]

In a recent interview, rapper Game attempted to deflect criticism about the cover of his new album Jesus Piece. The Compton MC insists that, despite the clothing and Christian symbolism on display, that is not the Son of God depicted in a red bandana on the cover. RELATED: Game’s “Jesus Piece” Artwork Causes Controversy [PHOTO] “I’m […]

This time we asked you: which dead artist would you like to bring back to life? This is by far the biggest poll ever and you all had a lot to say in your votes! The Black Music Poll is apart of TheUrbanDaily’s celebration for Black Music Month. It’s All Black Music  is the destination […]

Chris Brown and his dancers showed off some of their moves during a rehearsal that Breezy posted online.   Chris and crew got busy to Rick James‘ “Cold Blooded.”

Philly Freezer and Jake Uno present the latest video from their project The Stimulus Package, “She Makes Me Feel Alright.”

On April 20th, marijuana enthusiasts around the world celebrate the wacky tobacky with various events, parties, political rallies, and extended weed naps.

Celebrities should not be allowed to have webcams.

A lot of times, people fall in love with songs and don’t really pay attention to the lyrics.