Shamika Sanders

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a rumor going around that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are engaged…

What happens when you mix Black History month and Valentine’s Day? You get Black Love!

Is this what happens when you get kicked out of the Bad Boy nest? Choppa City shows his true star potential.

Diddy is rapping again ! Check out “Oh Let’s Do It” featuring Diddy Wacka Flocka Flames, Gucci Mane and Rick Ross. What do yall think? Hot Or Not?

The African-American civil rights activists Rosa Parks was born on this day 97 years ago. What a coincidence that her birthday is at the beginning of Black History Month- very fitting.

Being a musician, thespian, or comedian is one thing but being all three is something completely different and unique. These black men/ triple threats make it hard for just anyone to come into the game being anything less than spectacular!

BET's Tiny And Toya are back for a new season.

Big Girl getting Low to Ludacris' "How Low Can You Go"

Axe's new detailer and body wash get balls clean!

These two have been going at it for years: “Icebox” vs “Gimme That”, “Touch” vs. “Run It.”  So can we please get an official dance-off between Chris Brown and Omarion so we can crown the actual “king of dance”?