It was reported that Swizz Beatz would be remixing the New York Knicks theme song and we now have the song and music video for you. The video co-stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. What are your thoughts on the remix Knicks fans? Check it out below! Spotted Related Post: Dr. Dre & Swizz […]

Meet rising Golf star Zakiyah Randall. Hailing from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, she began playing golf at the age of 10. Zakiyah has won several Golf titles since her first year as a pro. She joined the Atlanta Junior Golf association in 2002 and won “Player of the Year.” After achieving these accomplishments she decided Golf was her […]

The UConn women’s basketball team’s impressive streak of 90 consecutive wins came to an end on Thursday night (Dec. 30th) with a 71-59 loss to Stanford. The Stanford women’s team is also the last team to beat UConn in the 2008 Final Four before the epic streak started. The UConn women just broke the longest streak in […]

Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson added insult to injury on this touch down run against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. He was penalized for excessive celebration as he fell backwards into the end zone.

So I’ve been playing NBA 2K11 on the old Xbox 360 and to be honest with you, the game has lots of surprises. The predominant theme of the game centers around Michael Jordan mostly – and his career over the years. For me personally, this was the main reason to check the game out. It’s […]

Cancer isn’t funny. But Charlie Villanueva getting his pube-less panties in a bunch over Kevin Garnett (allegedly!!) calling him a “cancer patient” and KG’s subsequent “clarification” are both hilarious events. But let’s imagine for a second that Garnett actually said those horrible things about Charlie. It still might not rank up there with these crazy […]

“Don’t call it a comeback/ I been here for years.” – L.L. Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” It’s official: Michael Vick’s back, y’all. After dazzling performances in Week 1 and Week 2 of the young NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback got the nod Sunday ahead of Kevin Kolb, who was inked in […]

A classic RUN DMC record  said they all want to be down with the king, but tonight only one team in the NBA will have that honor.

Athletes are good at a lot of things. Running, jumping, swimming, dribbling, passing, dunking… but the one area where they don’t particularly excel? Staying out of trouble.

In On October 5, 2007,  former track start Marion Jones pled guilty to lying to federal agents in the BALCO steroid investigation. She served six months in prison in 2008 and as part of her community service she speaks to children across the country, but her own children still don’t know about her prison bid.

From Months ago, Lil Wayne expressed his hope that he’d be able to keep up with sports while serving his yearlong prison sentence at Rikers Island. Apparently, the wish of Birdman Jr. — who actually has a tattoo of the ESPN logo — has been fulfilled. On Wednesday (April 14), Wayne updated his new […]

Is this what the world of sports relationships is coming to? Divorces, cheating, abandonment, etc? Come on now, why would you leave your wife of 11 years.