Hollywood looks to finally give Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese anime often cited as one of the best of the genre, the live-action treatment. According to Variety, Scarlett Johansson will play the film’s lead should it be greenlit by Dreamworks Studios. Margot Robbie was originally in the running for the role, but she is now […]


Many a Hollywood entity has been accused of stealing ideas and core concepts for films from aspiring writers in the past, but they haven’t been proven, for the most part. Accoridng to TMZ, the latest person to accuse Hollywood of theft is Constantino Basile, a student at Los Angeles Film School who is suing the writers of “Men In […]

Famed director Steven Spielberg announced who will play the part of President Barack Obama in his upcoming film project. Spielberg, who has created cinematic masterpieces…

Halle Berry is making the jump to the small screen.  Deadline reports the 47 year-old actress will be the lead in a CBS sci-fi series “Extant” where she plays an astronaut who returns from a year long space mission, trying to adjust into everyday life with her husband and son.  The project will be produced […]


How many movies about the gruesome Civil War and the ethical wrongness of slavery have you seen? Exactly! That many, huh? So when Steven Spielberg decided to direct a film about the president who  changed American history, of course he had to take a different angle. In “Lincoln” Spielberg taps Daniel Day-Lewis to portray Honest […]

Hollywood is all abuzz  with  news of director Steven Spielberg  in final talks to helm the biblical drama MOSES.  While mainstream outlets are putting actors like Liam Neeson and Daniel Craig high on their list of casting choices, most have failed to ponder the million dollar question–Who says Moses has to be White?  2011 was […]

On December 18, 1985 Alice Walkers Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Color Purple was released as a full-length feature film directed by Steven Spielberg. The all-star cast included Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg, just to name a few. Rae Dawn Chong played Mary Agnes aka “Squeak”, the mousy-voiced girlfriend of Harpo (played by Willard […]

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