The Boondocks

As each “new” episode of The Boondocks airs, it’s becoming more evident how long this third season was delayed.

Several weeks ago when we interviewed Gary Anthony Williams, the actor who voices Uncle Ruckus on The Boondocks, he hinted that there might be a live action version of The Boondocks in the future. ‘Boondocks’ Creator Aaron McGruder Says Uncle Ruckus Became Real While many of the actors who voice the show would be obvious […]

Seems that last week’s episode of The Boondocks has inspired some summer fun. Da Fam Cam was on hand on Friday May 21st, 2010 as Joe Budden, Esther Baxter and several others gathered for two old fashioned games of kickball. Observe some of the competition, the lighter moments, as well as a post game interview […]

A few episodes ago The Boondocks poked fun at Soulja Boy’s beef with Ice T and while visiting he talked about the episode along with his future plans.

Actor and Comedian John Witherspoon is a Hollywood legend. From his turns in Friday and Boomerang to his voice work for The Boondocks, his voice and manner is unmistakable.

In episode two of The Boondocks, Riley’s rapper friend Thugnificent falls on hard times. His car has been repossessed and his entourage has left him to go find “real jobs.” To make matters worse, he tries to make a “comeback” album using nothing but Autotune and picks a fight with an up-coming rapper named “Sgt. […]

The season three opener of The Boondocks takes it back to the election of 2008, with various cast members being asked why they do (or don’t in the case of Uncle Ruckus) support Obama.

Since the inception of The Boondocks one of the most polarizing (and hilarious) characters in the strip and on the show has been the curmudgeon Uncle Ruckus. Voiced by actor Gary Anthony Williams (Boston Legal, Malcolm In The Middle) there is no end to how offensive this ornery school janitor can be. With the third […]

While he makes his run at another green jacket, Tiger Woods finds an unlikely supporter in The Boondocks Uncle Ruckus.

Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” serves as the soundtrack to the trailer for the upcoming third season of Aaron McGruder’s cartoon, The Boondocks.

Actress Regina King says she finds herself asked about her work on Adult Swim’s cartoon The Boondocks more than anything else she’s worked on.