Would it be too much to ask for a Riley Curry cameo in an Under Armour commercial?

For many of us, music is a part of everyday life. But have you ever thought about which song may have given you life?

Feel free to get lost in Parker's Instagram feed to see if she's worthy of your #WCW post.

The Sound

Multi-talented rapper/actor Donald Glover is no stranger to shocking fans with his wide range of artistic abilities as an entertainer and he yet again wowed the masses this week when he took a stab at a classic R&B gem by equally-talented songstress Tamia. Accompanied by his band and a few snaps from his own fingers, Glover […]

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards are around the corner, and it's hard to believe we've already gone through 31 installments of this thing.

Today in hip-hop history, the final episode of Yo! MTV Raps aired, leaving a void in television forever more.


Just when you thought there wasn’t any way left for 2015 NBA MVP Steph Curry to “WOW” you even more, his former life as an aspiring cafeteria rapper is revealed. As the Golden State Warriors prepare to kick off their finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow night in hopes of emerging with the title of […]


The return of Twinkies is a pretty big deal. Born in 1930, Twinkies have survived, depressions, wars, political administrations and anti-obisity campaigns. We got scared…