You MUST WATCH Mark Curry in full comedic splendor. This dude went in; even on me! He called my outfit PLEATHER!! LOLOLOL Follow  @aprilwattslive on Facebook  Instagram & Twitter

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Toni Braxton‘s dress decided it no longer wanted to cover up her hind parts and just came apart leaving Miss Toni out there for all to see. Luckily she still has it together back there! Check it out in the video below! There are women in gyms and on surgery tables all over the world […]

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  Oh Mimi, please don’t ever change! Just as people were sitting the kiddies down to enjoy their morning bowl of cereal, the whole family got treated to both a wardrobe malfunction and cursing from Mariah Carey this morning on Good Morning America! According to Radar Online, Ms. Carey said, “It popped, darling, “What should […]

Earlier this week Ice-T’s wife Coco made headlines when she had a wardrobe malfunction at a Richie Rich fashion show. Anyone who follows Coco on twitter (@cocosworld) knows she is hardly shy when it comes to her chesticles,  but wanted to explain that this was NOT done purposely. “I walked the runway for the Richie […]