As dance instructor Lydia Grant in the 1980 film Fame Debbie Allen dropped one of the most iconic lines in cinema history “You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well fame costs. And right here is where you start paying…in sweat.” Allen’s career is a testament to those very words. After a successful career as […]

The death of pop icon Whitney Houston still has the world reeling. The pop superstar was making history before she even had a record deal. Houston was the first black model on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. When Clive Davis introduced her on The Merv Griffin Show in 1985, there wasn’t any doubt she would […]

In the last of’s interviews with the cast of Red Tails, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. gives us his first hand recollections about flying a fighter plane in World War II and how accurate he felt the movie was.  The cast also speak on the impact the Tuskegee […]

If ever there were a Lifetime Achievement Award for bringing laughs to the black community, Stan Lathan’s name would be at the top of the list.  In a career that has spanned over four decades, Lathan was the mastermind behind sitcom classics such as “Moesha”,”The Steve Harvey Show“, “The Parkers”, “Amen”, and “Eve”.  Lathan was […]

Words By M.C. In every field, you’ll find innovators, people who revolutionize the game, reset the bar and take things to a different level. Hockey has Gretzkey, Basketball has Jordan and video directing has the million-dollar man, Hype Williams. Not sure if anyone in knew what the Queens native, born Harold Williams would become when […]

The American penal system is considered by many to be a figurative maze of legal twists and turns, but for some it is quite literal. In his short film The Tombs, director Jerry LaMothe documents one man’s 3-day journey in New York’s Central Booking system. The Haitian-American director has directed three films since his 2000 […]

Words by M.C. Hip-Hop heads love to make claims they can’t back up. Between executives claiming mogul status after one release and rappers claiming G.O.A.T before their first freestyle, it gets pretty hard to tell the authentic from the pretend clique. But in a world where women lie and men lie while trying to be […]

Doug E. Fresh is known the world over for his innovations in hip-hop, particularly the Beatbox art form, but one thing he is just as passionate about is DJing. As the official ambassador for McDonald’s recent “Flavor Battle” DJ competition, the Harlem native and founder of the Get Fresh Crew got to evaluate some mix […]

In recent years the word “swagger” has been used and abused, but thankfully there are those that still embody the word naturally. President Barack Obama definitely comes to mind, but in the world of Hollywood one man’s walk is unmistakable. Denzel Washington. While on the red carpet for his new movie Safe House, the Oscar […]

In this exclusive interview for, singer and songwriter Jeff Redd shares what inspired his club classic, “You Called And Told Me” and how it remains a must-play song on dance floors across country. The 1991 hit was produced by  Dave “Jam” Hall  and was  featured on the soundtrack to the movie Strictly Business. RELATED […]

One American “idol” may have just made history at Carnegie Hall, but plenty more are about to celebrate history at the world famous venue. Just days after Jay-Z performed on back-to-back nights for charity, “American Idol” Music Director Ray Chew will be holding “A Tribute To The Music of Motown” tonight, February 9th, 2012 at […]

For a music fan, The Grammys are one of the most important days of the year. Watching the Grammys never ensures too many surprises except for the performances. Remember when Pink did her whole performance while doing aerial acrobatics and everybody loved it except for the people who saw it on the MTV Awards? Remember […]