Nicki Minaj did a signing in the flesh at the Traxx Girls and Boys parties in the ATL.

Lionel Richie’s career choices have been pretty suspect since the mid-80s, but now it looks like the legendary singer/songwriter might be scraping to pay the bills, as he now appears in a commercial for Walkers potato chips singing a rewritten version of his mid-80s ballad “Say You, Say Me.”

According to the Washington Post Lloyds of London has written an insurance policy for Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu’s hair.

Not long after we all found out about his $2.1 million Bugati purchase, Birdman continues to flaunt his wealth with a 900-karat chain.

Method Man was hit with an unopened beer can and suffered a cut on his face during a recent show in rural Hardin County, IL.

A Toledo, OH woman became so enraged that she couldn’t get Chicken McNuggets from a local McDonalds at 6:30AM that she attacked the drive-thru window attendant and broke the window.

Lil Kim went to African to perform and definitely “brought it.”

Lines were clearly crossed at Game’s show at Club Nokia this past Saturday when a concertgoer began throwing beer at the rapper as he stood on stage with his two sons.

Either this is a brilliant parody of the modern day music industry, or the worst audition for “Africa’s Got Talent” we’ve ever seen.

A classic RUN DMC record  said they all want to be down with the king, but tonight only one team in the NBA will have that honor.

Some child’s parents thought it would be a good idea to teach their child the lyrics to Waka Flocka Flame’s single “O Let’s Do It.”