On Basketball Wives, Tami Roman is constantly looked at as a bully. However, she’s saying she is actually the victim of fans cyber-bullying her and she wants it to stop.

In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Roman commented on the types of messages she receives on social networking sites. She told the magazine, “Waking up to negativity on Twitter, negativity on Facebook, negativity on blogs, it’s emotionally and mentally draining, and things people say because they think they know you for watching you one hour of the week, it can weigh on your psyche.”

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Tami attributed her aggressive nature to past traumas throughout her life coupled with a strict upbringing. When asked about how fans’ negative criticism affects her, she responded, “The way I’ve dealt with things over the course of my life comes from deep-routed issues. Everybody has to respect the fact that people are going to take the journey and cross bridges when they’re ready to do it. People judge based on how they would handle a situation. They don’t take into consideration how a person was raised. Everybody’s going to handle things differently.”

After making valid points to elicit some type of empathy, she closed out the interview with a statement that some may call contradictory. “You don’t have to follow me on Twitter. You really don’t. You don’t have to like me on Facebook. You don’t have to do any of that. If you disagree with how I handle something or the way a moment went down, you can say that and you don’t have to call me a b!tc#. You don’t have to call me a lowlife. You don’t have to call me a hood rat. You don’t have to call me out my name to get your point across,” Roman concluded.

As solid as some of the points as Tami made in her interview, she was the one calling Kesha all types of b***hes when Kesha asked her to not call her out of her name. Tami Roman says she supports Star Jones crusade to challenge the depiction of black women on television, yet in some ways, she perpetuates those same stereotypes Star Jones wants to challenge. So how are viewers supposed to form an opinion of you; by your actions or your words?

What do you think of Tami Roman’s comments?



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