Episode three of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” aired last night, and we are positive that Stevie J is the biggest grease-ball on television right now. He and Joseline along with Mimi Faust sat down to discuss the fetus growing in Joseline’s alleged uterus. Needless to say, that was a major fail but we did enjoy watching Joseline read him his rights!

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In case you missed it, here’s a recap from the show:

Lil Scrappy’s baby mother, Erica Dixon, turned up the heat in a sexy lingerie ensemble and intimate decor to give Scrappy the attention he desires. She admits to having second thoughts about him moving out but Scrappy is determined to get him own spot.

K Michelle may be labeled as a nut case, but that girl can sing her a** off! She put on an outstanding show for a room of industry vets to solidify her position as a real R&B talent.

Stevie J calls Erica a “b**ch” and a “s**t monkey” thus leading to his future beat-down.

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Lil Scrappy ‘promises to lay those “paws” on Stevie J!

K Michelle is done with Karlie Redd! After exposing her as a 50-year-old aspiring artist, she critiqued her booty cakes and claimed that one is deflated!

Mimi and Joseline sat down for a talk, where Joseline revealed that she is pregnant. A liquid fight ensues between Joseline and Stevie J.

And finally…the best part of the show. Joseline reads Stevie his rights:

“You know what you tell me, ‘I gave you your life.’ OK  if you gave me your life, if you gon’ take it back every chance you get; I don’t need you to give me no f**king life.” She continues “Your a f**king a piece of shit!”

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