As it has been doing since it premiered, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta delivered the purest form of ratchetness ever known to reality television. Last night was the episode where Lil Scrappy went to put the paws on Stevie J for calling Erica (or Baby Momma as Scrappy likes to refer to her as) out of her name while they were at K. Michelle‘s showcase. While the fight was as entertaining as any dumb reality tv show fight can be, it, like most of the others, was staged as hell.

We at The Urban Daily do not believe all of that commotion we saw in last night’s episode yielded not a one trip to a hospital or to a pharmacy to get a band-aid. Here are five reasons we say the tag team match between Scrappy and Erica verse Stevie J and Joseline was staged better than a WWE Wrestlemania.

5. Stevie J Rolled Up Some Weed Right Before The Fight

When Scrappy and Erica were posted up on their car like they were on their way to a prom for Ghetto Ratchet High School, Stevie J walked out and began immediately copping pleas. What many might have missed was the quick shot of Stevie J rolling up some strand of canibus. Answer me one question. If some dude is flexing like he wants to put the paws on you, why would rolling some kush be the main priority in that situation? Then again,we are talking about Stevie J, the dude who is cheating on his main girl with the side chick on national television. Obviously, God bypassed him when he was bestowing common sense.

4. The Film Editing Was Too Good

Reality stars blame everything on editing. If they get caught doing anything, it’s never their fault. It’s always editing. One second we see them talking and things getting heated and the next second, Joseline has no shoes and is running around like a bird with their head cut off. (See what I did there?) Moreover, you never really see a fight. All you see is hella security, Benzino randomly in the parking lot, and cars peeling off after everything goes down. See, the editing was so good, I’m writing a piece about a fight we never actually got to see. Kudos VH1!

3. Too Much Conversation

There was entirely too much damn conversation going on during this fight. These fools are arguing and getting ready to swing, but there’s enough time for Joseline to deliver her line, “I’m Joseline Hernandez, baby!” No! No! No! I don’t know about everybody else, but when it comes time for the paws to be placed on an individual in a violent manner, conversation is out the window. The name of the game is shoot first and ask questions later. Scrappy was asking too many questions which allowed Stevie and Joseline to further fan the flames. If Scrappy was really about that life, he would have stole off on Stevie as soon as dude sauntered out of the studio.

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2. All That Damn Security

Sure, they are filming a television show and need to have security for obvious reasons. However, they had the whole Atlanta Falcons security team in that parking lot before Scrappy and Erica even showed up. When things popped off security was dragging Stevie J through a parking lot, and pushing Scrappy in the opposite direction of the fight. Yes, that is their job, but the way they executed the plan made it look like they went out there and rehearsed for three weeks before the fight choreography was filmed.

1. Scrappy And Stevie J Looked Like They Were Having Extremely Aggressive Sex With Clothes On

Although the last time I got into a fight I was also studying for my eighth grade finals, I know men don’t fight like that. Ever. Rather than squaring up and shooting a fair one, these two wind up hugging and rolling around in the grass like Allen Payne and Jada Pinkett-Smith in Jason’s Lyric. Look at that footage. Scrappy can be seen caressing Stevie’s head like a real man, I guess. On top of Scrappy caressing Stevie’s scalp, Stevie bites on Scrappy’s shoulder and all types of kinky freaky junk. They might have been fighting, but they were doing it missionary style.

Anything we miss? Let us know.


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