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“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” gets better with every episode and last night, Stevie J was having the “worst week ever.”

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After much anticipation, Lil Scrappy put the paws on Stevie J and gave him a few well deserved punches over his baby mother Erica Dixon. Mimi finally had enough and put Stevie in his place. Joseline Hernandez displayed her dance moves and Shea “Buckey” Johnson made a home-wrecker(ish) appearance.

In case you missed it, here’s our recap:

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Mimi vs. Stevie

Before Stevie J had a chance to even speak or tighten his face the way molesters do before they kidnap a child, Mimi Faust barked at the super-producer the way we wish she had, three episodes ago. “You have no f**king argument” screamed Mimi. Her anger is understandable being that Stevie impregnated another woman. By the way, Stevie J looked extremely hot in a sweater vest with no shirt under it!

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Lil Scrappy & Buckey (Shea Johnson)

Despite telling his baby mother, Erica Dixon, that they are working on moving forward in their relationship, Scrappy reveals that he and his best friend Buckey–former “Flavor Of Love” contestant–are more than just friends. After rubbing her a** down on national television like Erica won’t ever see it, he goes to defend his baby mother after Stevie J disrespected her.

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The Fight

Erica and Scrappy posted up outside the studio where Stevie J and Joseline were recording. Erica–high off love– immediately greeted Stevie with “It’s me, the b*tch.” Joseline, confused as always with the situation, accused Erica of “f**king on” Stevie J and allegedly threw the first punch which led to Scrappy…scrapping!

Who won the fight is in dispute…Scrappy’s mouth was bloody but Stevie J had to be dragged from the scene. Joseline and her braids were ready for war. Nobody mess with her “Stebie!”

Joseline’s Dance Moves

Onto the irony of the episode. Why the hell did Stevie hire a choreographer to teach Joseline how to body roll. Ain’t she a stripper?! Don’t they teach body rolls in Stripper’s 101?

& lastly, Stevie J’s Faces:

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