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Joseline Hernandez is no push over and when she feels she is being disrespected, she will make it known! Last night, on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Joseline walked into an uncomfortable situation as her sworn enemy Karlie Redd performed for her man Stevie J.

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Joseline’s face said it all as she tried to absorb what was happening between Stevie and Karlie (who, if we must say, looks like she’s about to give him the drawers any day now).

After name-dropping Nicki Minaj, Joseline agrees to do a song with Karlie Redd despite her “old age.”

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Lil Scrappy plays Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy called things off with Erica Dixon then announced his relationship with Shay “Buckee” Johnson.

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K. Michelle and Karlie Redd

K. Michelle and Karlie Redd finally butt heads over “he said, she said” and it made for great TV.

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“You’re asthmatic, you have asthma attacks”

After the asthma attack that sealed the deal on Scrappy and Erica’s relationship, Erica faced Momma Dee. Momma Dee, who already decided Scrappy and Erica shouldn’t be together, attempted to attack Erica for leaving Scrappy the morning of his breath scare.

Mimi takes Stevie his “sh*t”

That fast, Stevie J though Mimi had marched back into his arms. But he was mistaken. Mimi dropped off the remainder of this clothing that was left at her house. After cursing him out some more about the Joseline situation, she rolled over his box of three sweaters.

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