As always on a Tuesday, the people that work at our office are talking and joking about the ratchet belle of the reality show ball, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Most of the time, we spend most of the conversation rehashing Joseline Hernandez‘ behavior, dress, and accent. This time, we spent the majority of our morning reenacting the verbal cat fight between K. Michelle and Karlie Redd.

Although Karlie proved she was about that scrapping-in-public life, K. Michelle was the breakout star of that argument. The R&B singer turned it up when she had taken enough of Karlie’s madness. However, before K. Michelle threw her napkin wrapped cutlery at Karlie, she was spewing some of the most slanderous quotes of the episode. Check out our ten favorite K. Michelle quotes from the K. Michelle and Karlie Redd spat and some comments from The Urban Daily peanut gallery.

10. “Why would I be jealous?! You old as s**t.” –K. Michelle, Truth Messenger?

9. “Girl, you look like you was finna go to a red carpet on na Grammys, but the knock off one.” –Oh, so she was dressed like she was going to The Source Awards?

8. “You got one deflated ass cheek. It be like, ‘boo boop.'” –Does Benzino know that?

7. “Don’t *clap* violate me. *clap* I *clap* been through too much *clap* I’m nobody’s punk.” –It’s good to know K. Michelle can find the down beat even when she’s angry.

6. “Don’t choo eva lie own me!” –But Karlie said she had you on tape. Doing what? I don’t know. Can a brotha see some of the footage to decide who is actually telling the truth? I’m just saying.

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5. “I will neva trust a woman with a rhinestone snake around huh neck. You cain’t trust no woman like dat.” –This lesson is more profound than learning that a woman with a big butt and a smile is poison.

4. “You a 40-year-old aspiring artist without a Wikipedia page.” –Forget about a record deal, you ain’t legit unless Wikipedia has something on you.

3. “Woooooohhooooaaa, dis b***h is shakin’ duh tabuh!” –Captain Obvious has struck the set of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

2. “Don’t shake ‘less you ready to git shook.” –Don’t invite K. Michelle to the sparring match and think she won’t show up with the war paint on!

1. “Bring it down cuz my head’ll start spinnin’ and I will chop you in yo trachea!” –This would be hilarious to see. K. Michelle looks like she would chop a b***h like she was a butcher.


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