One hour of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” isn’t enough. Every Monday after a new episode airs, we are left wanting more. More ratchetness, more Joseline Hernandez and more of Stevie J‘s Master Splinter facial expressions.

VH1, who has done an amazing job at editing the fights and arguments on the show, saves little behind-the-scenes clips only for their website.

Here’s a round-up of some scenes you may have missed:

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Episode 1 Bonus Clips:

While we thought Stevie J played Mimi in her face by picking up Joseline’s call in the middle of their heated argument, we didn’t see the full clip where Mimi dared him to pick up the phone which would have only lead to one broken a** iPhone!

Joseline became a rapper overnight, at least that’s the way she tells it. Rasheeda set up a meeting between the ladies, after a night at the club where Joseline showed her a**, literally! After thanking God for her many talents she told K. Michelle that her vocals would be appreciated on the background of her songs than offers to bring her a dildo [Slaps forehead].

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Episode 2 Bonus Clip:

Momma Dee held a housewarming party that was completely excluded from the second episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Good thing for us, VH1 saved the clip as a bonus on their website. In normal Momma Dee fashion, she was over-the-top as she introduced Lil Scrappy’s baby mother Erica and her mother, specifically mentioning their round bottoms not made by Mattel!

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Episode 3 Bonus Clip:

We didn’t see nearly half of the disrespect that comes from Joseline Hernandez‘s mouth during the meeting between her, Stevie J and Mimi. “I run my mouth and I run your man’s d**k, that’s why he didn’t come home for three months.”

Episode 4 Bonus Clips:

The edited version of the verbal assassination of Stevie J was rough enough, but seeing the not chopped & screwed version is that much more intense.

Does Stevie J want to marry Mimi?

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