Many watchers of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” have had moments when they don’t quite understand what is going on or what the characters are saying. Whether it’s Joseline’s heavy Spanglish lilt or Stevie’s bi-polar commentary (“you pissin me off… but you look nice”)  it’s easy to get lost at times.

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Being avid TV watchers, we noticed a few parallels with one of our favorite cartoons, The Boondocks.  So we enlisted Riley Freeman and company to give their versions of what is happening on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta,”  using actual dialogue from both shows.

When we watched Benzino schooling Stevie J on matters of the heart we felt the spirit of a Pimp Named Slickback in the car and that this is what he was really trying to say…

In the same moment that Joseline says she doesn’t want to go back to the strip club she was shakin her a$$ for “Stebie.” That reminded us of another night worker who couldn’t make up her mind, Crystal.

When Lil Scrappy finds out Stevie J called his baby mom a “bitch” he gave birth the famous line,”I wanna put the paws on ”em.” Unfortunately, rappers are no strangers to violence and our boy Gangstalicious had equally strong feelings on the matter.

Stevie’s now infamous crazy eye rat face reminded us of one other split personality: Tom Dubois possessed by Colonel H. Stinkmeaner.

When Joseline went off about Stevie spilling a drink on her “Furra from Neiman” we remembered one other winter-clad rant from Riley’s days as a fundraiser.

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