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With the BET Hip-Hop Awards being taped in Atlanta over the past weekend, all anyone in hip-hop can talk about are the fights that broke out between artists and their crews. While other crews were beefing, two staunch rivals were putting their feud to bed.

Fat Joe and 50 Cent put their long standing beef to rest when they were at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. both rappers were in attendance to perform in the Chris Lighty tribute. Lighty is responsible for discovering both Fat Joe and 50 Cent. According to Joey Crack, Chris Lighty had been trying to get them to reconcile for years, but he and 50 were both stubborn. The terror squad leader also said the beef ended with a simple exchanging of a few kind words and a handshake.

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“I came to do the tribute. I knew 50 Cent would be there, but I came with like, we gon’ do this for Chris. And while we was there, 50 whispered some things in my ear that was gentleman-like. I’m a gentleman. I don’t dislike people. I’m one of the most loveable dudes in Hip Hop, believe it or not. So you know, he just said the right things and a handshake [was] involved and that was that. It’s just two grown men that just said yo, this is for Chris Lighty, this is for Hip Hop. Let’s move on with our lives,” Joe stated in an interview.

Glad to see Fat Joe and 50 Cent put their differences aside for a mutual friend’s passing. Plus, beefing over a Ja Rule song is hella wack nowadays.



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