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Who says nice guys finish last?  In a world where celebrities can build their careers on outrageous behavior, actor Lance Gross has managed to stay in the game, with nary a  sex tape or paternity suit to be found. After clocking in eight seasons as the good-hearted but clueless Calvin Payne on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” Gross is ready to step into leading man status.

In the The Last Fall, Gross plays a football player at a crossroads when he returns to his hometown after  being released from his fourth team in three years.  The film was awarded The Grand Jury Award For Best Screenplay at the American Black Film Festival, and audiences are already abuzz over Gross’ heartfelt performance.

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So with all the attention due to come the gorgeous young actor’s way, how does he manage to navigate the dating world in Hollyweird?  The Urban Daily caught up with Gross to get schooled on groupies and gold diggers, amiable breakups, as well as a crash course in Social Media Etiquette 101.

TUD:  Have you ever sent a mass text to different women in the hopes of “getting lucky”?

Lance Gross: (Laughs) Well, I always personalize my texts, so if I happen to be dating more than one woman at a time, I always put their name in the text.  I’m not into the mass texting “I’m only thinking of you” thing.  Nah, that’s not my style.

What about accidentally sending a text to a woman when it was meant  for someone else?

Oh of course!  I think everyone is guilty of misdirecting a text or two in their lifetime.  Luckily for me, the text wasn’t too incriminating. I’m super honest and I don’t like the drama, so if I made the mistake, I’ll come clean.  Once you lie, then you have to keeping building on the lie.

 Do you ever do a Google search on someone before going out on the first date?

Oh yeah for sure. Being a celebrity and an entertainer, you have to know who you’re dealing with—she could be a stalker chick.  I’ve done the Google search, looked at their Twitter and Instagram pages.

So let’s say during your Google search, you see something questionable.  Would you wait to ask them about it or just cancel the date?

I think the best thing to do is to just ask them outright.  I don’t like to judge, so if I find something questionable, it’s better to just confront them about it- “Hey I was on your Instagram page and I saw something. What’s that about?”  But if I did find something really outrageous I just might cancel the date.

Regarding Twitter, quite a few celebrities and politicians have accidentally posted a racy pic on their timeline, when they meant to send it through Direct Message.  Have you ever done that? 

I’ve never sent a pic through DM, but I accidentally posted my phone number on my timeline.  People retweeted it and I got so many calls I was forced to change my number.  I had to do it on my friend’s phone because my own phone was ringing non-stop.  People were texting me pictures.  Yeah, never again.

Should there be a conversation with your significant other before you change your status from “Single” to “In a relationship” on your Facebook page?

If I’m in a relationship I don’t have a problem letting it be known.  With my current situation, I waited a while before I changed my status on Facebook because I wanted to protect my relationship.  My girl, she changed her status real quick!

When it comes to going on vacation with your girl, who you should pay–the man, the woman or do you split the cost?

I usually pay for the trip.  I love to travel so I’m always planning vacations.  But my recent trip to Cabo was a birthday gift that my girlfriend paid for.

The first date–who pays?

I think the guy should pay for the first date. I think it’s cool when the woman will offer , but I don’t feel it’s a woman’s place to pay.

I read an article where a man said he took women to Chipotle on the first date to see if they were actual gold diggers.  Would you ever use the “cheap date test” on a woman you were interested in?

(Chuckles) I don’t know about taking someone to Chipotle on the first date. I mean I think I’m a good judge of character. It doesn’t matter where I take you for dinner.  I’ll be able to tell if you’re a gold digger from picking your brain in conversation.  Everything in the dark comes out in the light, so I’m going to figure it out anyway.  You could turn off a really good woman by taking her to Chipotle.  That’s not a date – it’s like meeting up for a snack or lunch.  You might as well go out for coffee.

In a recent radio interview, your ex-fiancee Eva Marcille spoke very highly of you.  What’s the key to keeping a civil relationship with an ex? 

There’s a history between you and your ex.  You’re friends first and the goal is to keep the friendship.  We keep it cordial and we speak when we see each other. It’s always my goal to end on good terms cuz when you don’t, the drama is just an extra headache.

You can follow Lance Gross on Twitter –> @LanceGross



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