Who is Matthew Cherry? Matthew A. Cherry is the former NFL football player and first-time filmmaker behind “The Last Fall.” Released in theaters in October 2012, “The Last Fall” is about a topic near and dear to Cherry’s heart, as it tells the story of Kyle Bishop—played by “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” actor Lance […]


What is “The Last Fall” about? “The Last Fall” is about professional football player Kyle Bishop, played by Lance Gross, and the struggles he faces after being cut from his team, retiring from the game and moving back to his hometown of Los Angeles. Kyle has a difficult time adjusting to post-football life, as his […]

Who says nice guys finish last?  In a world where celebrities can build their careers on outrageous behavior, actor Lance Gross has managed to stay in the game, with nary a  sex tape or paternity suit to be found. After clocking in eight seasons as the good-hearted but clueless Calvin Payne on Tyler Perry’s “House of […]

Nicole Beharie isn’t one to shy away from controversy.The film SHAME, which focused on the sexual addiction of successful business executive,  made headlines for its provocative subject and on screen nudity.  Beharie, who plays the lead character’s love interest, was attracted to the role of Marianne because she was “someone more modern and interesting.” Her […]

  What happens when a star football player retires at 25?  After several years playing professional football, Kyle Bishop (Lance Gross)  is released from his fourth team in three years and returns to his home town, broke and at a complete loss about what he will do for a living. After an initially cold reception, Kyle reconnects […]