I have a serious thing for R&B diva Syleena Johnson. No, it wasn’t some sort of weird fan crush that developed because she looked right in all of the right places when she appeared on the TVOne reality series “R&B Divas.” Syleena Johnson has been placed on a pedestal in my mind since her first single “I Am Your Woman” filtered through my stereo speakers in 2001. My love only grew when she dropped the remix to “Tonight, I’m Gonna Let Go.” While I was feeling any and everything that was Syleena Johnson way before Kanye West recruited her for the hook of his hit 2004 single “All Falls Down,” I never thought I would meet her because I didn’t know I would wind up as an Assistant Editor at an entertainment website. So imagine my excitement when I received word the woman of my dreams would be coming into the office.

There was just one little problem with when Syleena Johnson coming into the office. The time Syleena was scheduled to make her appearance, I had to leave and cover an event on the other side of Manhattan. Knocked down but never defeated, I demanded my co-workers tell her I wanted an autograph. I also said I wanted them to text me pictures of her signing an autograph in my notebook so I would know it was real. They did as I asked and when they told Syleena Johnson about my request, she not only obliged, but she went H.A.M. and cheese on my life.

Johnson, who was here to promote her new fitness DVD “Mommy’s Got Soul,” left me a letter telling me I was a sad individual for not waiting for her to get here and asking for the autograph myself. She then recorded a video which she demanded be sent to me immediately. Well, by the time the video got to my phone, I was walking into the event and stopped in front of security to watch the clip. I doubled over in laughter and couldn’t contain myself. You may ask why I couldn’t stop laughing despite her being mean in the video and letter, well as Mykelti Williamson said in “Waiting to Exhale,” that sh*t turns me on!


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