5. Arch N Point

Being romantic and spontaneous is part of keeping the love alive. But has there ever been a time you were trying to be romantic and take your partner out for a nice dinner and never made it to the restaurant because you were just ready to knock it out of the park? Miguel understands the feeling and created “Arch N Point” in response. On the track, Miguel is so open for his girl because of what she has on that he just has to take those clothes off her and make her arch that back and point those toes as she moans in ecstasy.

6. Adorn

When you open a song with, “These lips can’t wait to taste your skin.” you know it’s about to go down. Miguel then intertwines the sanctity of commitment with the amount of fervor in the copulation. Most women say feeling secure with their man is the biggest aphrodisiac and pledging to defend your lady’s honor whenever the situation calls for it is an automatic panty dropper. Plus, romance added to the freakiness is bound to be an unforgettable night.

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