So it looks like Twitter‘s founder, Jack Dorsey, still wants to be the mayor of New York City, he tells “60 Minutes”. What does someone who created a platform to condense our thoughts into 140 characters or less know about being the mayor to one of the biggest cities in the world?

Probably not much. He was forced out of Twitter for being a poor communicator (he is now back), and he admits that he is notoriously shy, so I’m not exactly sure how that would work.

“What I love about New York is just the electricity I feel right away,” Dorsey said in the video. Is that enough? He also says that it is more comfortable for him to reach out to people through words online versus actual face-to-face communication.

I’m all for progressing, but I just don’t think I’m there just yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he were elected that he would be the first hologram mayor.

Watch his full interview below.

Would you want a Twitter mayor to run your city?

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