Call me a jerk or whatever you call me in the comment section when you think I’m not reading, but if there’s one thing I get hyped for it’s watching a good fight on scripted reality television. Hit me with the side eye and any type of shade you’d like, but it is what it is. My thirst for ratchet scripted reality television was quenched when the supertrailer for my beloved “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” hit my inbox. I’m serious. You would’ve thought my name was Amanda Bynes and Drake just got finished murdering my box the way I was acting. (Okay, that last analogy was way too over the top, but you follow where I’m going with this.)

Needless to say the three minutes and fifty one seconds of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” supertrailer had more fights than Tyler Perry has haters. So I took the liberty to get you ready for the show’s April 22nd VH1 premiere by letting you know about some of the fights you’ll see this upcoming season. Don’t worry, there’s way too much drama in this season so we couldn’t possibly have fit all of the details into this post. Just make sure you tune in to VH1 on April 22nd at 8pm. For now, check out the eight fights we’re looking forward to this season.

1. Joseline Hernandez vs. The Keyshia Cole Look-A-Like Moonlighting As Stevie J’s New Artist

You know how the story goes. Stevie J picks up a woman by promising the moon and the stars when it comes to getting in the studio. He then sexes them crazy, impregnantes them, and makes them get an abortion. (Notice I said nothing about music production.) This season it’s not Joseline acting all crazy in love, it’s some Keyshia Cole looking chick who hasn’t met a tattoo needle she didn’t like.

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