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We have tended to agree with‘s Illseed on this matter, and haven’t really thought about it or had an opinion on it one way or another, but “these sources” will not quit talking to the magazines and sites about the Kanye leaving a pregnant Kim situation, so it continuously stays in the news.

However, it did give us a thought, and there is a discussion worth having about the situation that can actually be productive. So, we figured why not take the question to you, our insightful readers and get your take on it?!

First of all, According to here is the latest that is being “reported” about the Kimye debacle;

“Kim is convinced Kanye is pulling away!” confides an insider. “They had a huge fight. Kim told him she didn’t want to marry him if he wasn’t going to be there to support her and the baby emotionally.”

Adds the insider: “She’s upset he went out of town. She worries he won’t be there for a lot of the baby’s firsts.”

Nothing about this pregnancy is going the way Kim pictured it. “She thought she’d feel sexy and empowered but instead she just feels fat and uncomfortable.”

Whether or not Kanye is leaving his prego girlfriend is not really the focus of what we’re curious about. Kim and Kanye both expressed once upon a time, that they have been long time BFF’s. They shared with everyone, that they’ve been there for each other and bonded over the passing away of a parent, and that it was through that bond that they fell in love. They said falling in love with their best friend was the best of both worlds.

But this makes us wonder, isn’t their relationship (if these pesky rumors are true) a clear case for not ruining a treasured friendship with taking that relationship to a different level? Or can you really fall in love with a best friend and not ruin the friendship if the relationship part fails? Can you cross that line and ever really cross back?

Hit up the comments section and take our poll, we really want to hear what you think. Can crossing the line with a trusted friend ever be worth the risk?


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