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On producing and favorite producers and rappers:

“My production hasn’t really changed. I’ve grown into new technology and can manifest my original styles and recipes using it.”

“Some producers of today I like are Jake 1, Justice League, Jahlil Beats… For rappers, I like Stalley, Action Bronson, Nipsey Hussle… also, new guys like Eyes Low and Kendrick”

On what sampling has done for and to hip hop:

“Being that hip hop started as a record-based culture, the art of sampling preserved the original recipe of what hip hop was… with lawsuits, people like Premier got more creative and “chopped” it up and that was a skill we learned as DJs. People these days are showing more musicianship. Being that I come from the origins, I’ll always appreciate samples.

I have felt that I wasn’t able to go bananas with samples. I feel restrictions. Main Source was such an insanely sample based project. Just having to draw back to single loops for songs is one example of how it’s been restrictive for me.”

On working with Big L:

“Lord Finesse brought Big L to my studio. He just stood there quiet until it was time for him to rhyme. And that’s when he just blossomed on all the tracks. He just unleashed when the beats came on, it was crazy.”

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