We hear congratulations are in order for Terrence Howard. Word on the street is he recently got married for the fourth time.


According to Radar Online, Terrence Howard married his Canadian girlfriend after only dating for one month. The woman’s name is Miranda and it’s unknown how the pair met. However, they couple has shown up to “Best Man Holiday” red carpets wearing wedding bands. Terrence seems to be very excited about the marriage because he is showing his new wife of to any and every close friend or family member he can.

One person who couldn’t careless about the marriage is Howard’s ex-wife Michelle Ghent. News of Howard’s new marriage began to spread after Howard called Ghent to gloat about the woman who replaced her in his life. If you remember, Ghent has a restraining order against Terrence Howard. She got a restraining order after Howard sucker punched her in the face while they took their children on a family vacation in Costa Rica.



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