1) Chris Brown

If failing had a repeat offenders list, Chris Brown’s blonde mug would be framed in the post office. Every time we turned around, Breezy seemed to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  In January, he got into it with Frank Ocean over a studio parking space. He got pulled into court over funny community service records and a hit-and-run incident that gave him another 1000 hours of community service. But why stop there? Why not get into a fight in DC with some yahoos who decided to photo-bomb a picture he took with some female fans that could result in a revoking of the probation he was already on which would lead him to complete about four years behind bars. And somewhere in the mix of all that his bottle tossing buddy Drake decided to lock in and go public with his ex chick Rihana. Even the rehab he’s in began with him putting a rock through his mamas’ windshield. Chris, do us all a solid and sit yo ass down…   

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