4) Ray J

As the card-carrying Colonel of the Cornball committee, Ray J has had his fair share of Where Were Your Boys moments. But to be completely honest, not much he’s done outside of his normal coonery warrants any real attention. Which may explain why in the face of his former girl Kim Kardashian finding happiness and motherhood with a cat named Kanye West, Ray decided now was the perfect time to release the thirst bucket anthem I Hit It First which played as an ode to all those who’ve ever dealt with the bitterness of watching an ex upgrading in front of everyone. Now most of us would handle that in a manner more dignified and becoming of grown men and others would genuinely be happy for former flames happiness. But Good old Ray decide his time was better spent writing a song to show women why no matter their budget, you should always avoid giving a lay to a lame. 

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