Someone sent this letter over to Necole Bitchie about Atlanta’s very own Pastor Troy. Sounds like someone’s about to be on!

Check out the letter below:

Dear Necole,

I read your blog daily, it is a very good source of information for letting people know what is going on in Atl and other popular events that we would not know of otherwise. I am writing you because I want to make the public aware of one of Atlanta’s own local celebrities, Micah Troy, also know as Pastor Troy. I dated this man for over three years only to find out that he was a lair, manipulator, and a womenizer.

When I first met Troy, he came off as a well mannered man with his stuff together. He told me he was previously married but they were divorced and he only had one child, from someone other than his ex-wife. I didn’t see anything wrong with his story, I met his little boy who was 2 at the time on several different occasions and Troy spent most of his nights with me, so I thought. So when he asked me to get an RV and a truck for him so he and his friends could travel to shows I was skeptical but he assured me he would have them paid of within the year and the only reason he didn’t want to get them in his name was because his ex-wife and his baby mamma would be hounding him for more money. So out of love and trust I got these vehicles for him.

After a year or so he got arrested at a local radio station because he didn’t pay his child support (he said he got arrested for traffic violations but I later found out the truth). So he wanted me to take out a loan with one of his close family friends(Philip Franklyn ), that owns a car dealership Phaze One Auto, so he would have some money to catch up on his bills. I didn’t want to do this because he was already paying the car notes late but once again out of love and trust I took out the loan. After taking out that loan things started falling apart. He was lying about paying for the cars and his friend Philip Franklyn was an ex felon who used my information to get more loans. After being repeatedly lied to by Troy telling me he was going to pay the cars off or put them in someone elses name I just wanted the vehicles back.

He didn’t want to give the cars back but when the police got involved he said he would return them to me. After waiting weeks for him to give them back the wreaker services called and said they found the truck abandoned on the side of HWY 85 and the RV was on the side of the road in Conyers,  The vehicles eventually got repossessed. He told me he was sorry and he didn’t expect things to go wrong like they did and he would help me pay back the money owed to the banks after the repossessions which was over $100,000. To this day he has not given me a penny and since these vehicles were in my name I am left to pay for all of this. While trying to resolve this matter I learned that Micah Troy is indeed still married, he has over 8 children from 8 different women, he goes to jail every year for child support, and he can’t get anything in his name because he has been evading his taxes for years.

I am not writing this to you because I still want him, I don’t want anything to do with him. Before I met Troy I had a place to stay, a car ,and a job and I still have that. I also had GREAT credit but it was ruined by this man who used me to get things for him that he could not afford. I am writing this because I want to warn women, young ladies, and whoever comes into contact with Pastor Troy to beware. He is not a straight up person. He uses people, especially women to try to get ahead. I am lucky to be out of that horrible manipulative relationship with no children form him and can move on, but he has put alot of unnecessary strain on myself, family, and friends.

Pastor Troy is a scrub. It has been a very expensive lesson for me but hopefully people will read this and will not have to go through what i had to go through. I tried to help this man who claimed he loved and cared about me and in return he left me with a debt of over $100,000.

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