Say tomorrow, Eddie Murphy and all the parties involved give you what you want, then what?

All I wanna do is do entertainment! Listen, I have relationships with people who wanna put me in things, but this whole Eddie Murphy stuff has stopped that. I want to continue to do comedy. Man, I’ve had comedy clubs not wanna put me on because of what was reported on Wendy Williams and everywhere else that’s not cool! I was doing it no problem!

Now if I was a Chinese person and my name was Brando Murphy, there would be no issue. If I wasn’t talented, I wouldn’t be buzzing like this. If I wasn’t talented, it would be like, “Okay. Whatever.” You would never hear about me. So what is the real issue, we need to ask ourselves. Eddie hasn’t done comedy in 25 years. Why is he trying to stop me? I’m not the bad guy here. I’m trying to do everything that this man has already achieved. So why can’t I have the right to do that? Richard Pryor didn’t stop him when he showed up. So why do I have to? Why does this man have to try to oppress me rather than picking me up?

They tried to do a remake of “Beverly Hills Cop” and they put Brandon T. Jackson in it. Come on now, we didn’t hear it was already sold to CBS. CBS wanted it, they shot the pilot and it came back trash. You know why it was trash? Because they’re not putting talented people where they need to be. They’re sitting here using the same guys who ain’t shit. That’s right! I said it! If you would have put me in “Beverly Hills Cop,” boy, I tell you that thing would’ve been fire! The people said that.

The people are saying that if you were in the remake of “Beverly Hills Cop,” it would’ve been excellent and everything, who are these people and where are they?

Where are these people? Well, if you go on my Facebook page, you can see all of the comments!

I hear you, but playing devil’s advocate, the people who are telling you that you would have been good in the remake are already fans of yours. So isn’t that getting gassed off of your own hype?

Let’s say this, if I wasn’t being blocked, more people would see me. They would appreciate my talent and my gifts. They would be drawn in like all of the other fans I’ve accumulated because of my talent. Now when you stop somebody from doing shows and getting booked elsewhere…I’ve had people try to book me for shows outside of Los Angeles and they didn’t want to do it because of this Eddie Murphy stuff. So it’s not that I’m getting gassed off my own hype. I know who I am and I know what I can do. The proof is in the pudding. I’m not somebody who just talks. I can back it up with everything that I do.

Have you ever seen a live show with me?

I have not. I hadn’t heard of you until I heard about the Eddie Murphy drama.

Sometimes, that’s how the cookie crumbles. You hear about people one way and then you get drawn in and you like it. There are people who are going to like it and people who aren’t going to like it. I do my stuff for the people who appreciate it.

In one of the reports, Eddie Murphy’s camp alleges you would show up to places Eddie Murphy frequents and would scream, “My father won’t talk to me!” Where would they come up with an accusation like that?

Just like they came up with all the other accusations. It’s he said, she said. Nobody was there but me and Eddie.

TUD: Once all of this settled, will remain a blemish on your career even if you reach the level of success you’re trying to?

It’s always gonna be there, but it will be overshadowed because there are so many other things that I do that the world will see and all of that is going to overshadow this. You never know the route. You just know the vision and end goal. All I’m really focused on is the end goal. I don’t really see this as a negative. Did it happen to me? Yes. Was it painful? Yes? Was I damaged by it? Yes.

Put yourself in my shoes. It’s been three and a half years of knowing you can do something good and you want to be great. And somebody that you looked up to at one point in your life, comes and tries to put a stop to it. How would you feel? Ask yourself that? If you had a kid and he was going through all that in going through, how would you feel? Ask yourself that. I’m not the bad guy. I don’t have $500 million. All I wanna do is pursue my dream and live it. That’s it! But I’m not going to be bullied! The lawsuit is about respect, plain and simple!


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