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On February 22, 2015,  Oprah Winfrey may win an Academy Award for her role as a producer and co-star of the film Selma. This is her second film nomination, with the first coming for Best Supporting Actress in the 1985 drama, The Color Purple. Winfrey played the role Sofia, and in a clip from her OWN Network, Winfrey revisited her first Oscar nomination from 29 years ago.

“I must have been at AM Chicago at the time; it was seven o’clock in the morning here,” Winfrey said. “The Color Purple received 11 nominations, and not one person won.”

Winfrey said she didn’t think she would be nominated, noting that she didn’t have a publicist or a marketing campaign to lobby for the award. She also revealed some sobering advice she received after her initial celebration.

“It was an out of body experience,” Winfrey recalled. “I was literally jumping up and down on the tables. From the day you’re nominated until the day of the Oscar’s, it’s just one big, crazy party. Gene Siskel said, ‘Go to the luncheon. Enjoy it, because you’re not gonna get the Oscar.’ And he was correct.

The award ultimately went to Anjelica Houston for Prizzi’s Honor. The 87th Annual Acacemy Awards will air at 7:00 pm EST February 22 on ABC. You can view Winfrey’s video about her 1986 nomination below.

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