“You can call me Miss Tiffany,” giggles New York, aka Tiffany Pollard, the sassy, synthetic Nubian princess of VH1 reality fame. That’s MISS Tiffany, as in the very single, very available Miss Tiffany, runner-up reject on two seasons of Flavor of Love turned lovelorn lead on I Love New York. How could it be? Single again?! “A lot of the guys were dealing with me on the surface level,” she says. “I always put my heart on the line, but these guys were mostly there for the cameras.” Miss Tiffany came close to love–flirting with muscle-dweeb Punk (currently linked to Jennifer Hudson), considered a second try with bad-boy thug Chance (currently in his own reality show), and finally settled on angel-eyed schmooze, Tailor Made (currently dumped).

I don’t think anyone wants to see me fall in love. It’s the journey they want to see.” Miss Tiffany has recently been pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles (hence the title of her latest reality show, New York Goes to Hollywood), but doesn’t rule out a new direction. “The possibilities are definitely endless–I turn down lots of offers. It feels good to be in demand.” As long as we can keep chewing on her Hubba Bubba-sized personality, we don’t care what flavor it is.”

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