Whoever told to Drake to break a leg before going onstage at his last show must feel real bad right about now.

Drake’s career… Man. He had a buzz when he started but now he’s just…Damn you Jimmy Brooks!!!

Ever since Aubrey tore his ACL and was forced to perform from a stool during he and Wayne’s predatorial rendering of “Every Girl” with junior high chicks during the BET Awards the star of the biggest new thing in rap has been fading like the shine of a fake gold chain after it touches your neck. It’s the curse of Jimmy Brooks (you know, his wheelchaired character from Degrassi)! Who knows why he caught it but after Drake’s gimpy ass ignored his doctor’s advice and started doing suicide ladders on stage Jimmy Brooks struck again and put the thick eye-browed rapper down for good. Was it pay back for putting out that cow turd of a video for “Best I Ever Had”? Perhaps.

With the Toronto rap rookie officially sidelined on the injured reserve list the boys at Its The Real parodied Drake’s experience of getting medical attention while on tour…BTW, the Rick Ross bit is classic haha.

Check the video below.

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