CLOSE posted the video of their latest cover star’s photo shoot, Keri Hilson. Check it out below:

Here’s a excerpt from the interview in the mag:

How do you feel about your album and the way people are receiving it? It’s tough out here right now.

Keri Hilson: It’s doing very well. Especially given this industry—even though the business is hurting, the album is still achieving its projections. I’m proud of the album, but you can never expect how the world will receive you or your music.

There’s a line on “Get Your Money Up”: “Diamonds a girl’s best friend, if you can provide them/I might even act a fool while you’re hittin’ it…”

Keri Hilson: If we’re in a relationship and you buy me a gift, I’ll acknowledge it! There’s a certain thing in a woman—we like gifts—but don’t think I’m the kind of woman that places the importance on that. It’s not the foundation.

You believe it’s still trickin’ if you have it.

Keri Hilson: [Laughs.] Sure. Yeah, I believe it’s still trickin’ if you have it. There’s no sane way to answer that!

We haven’t seen you as much as your contemporaries on blogs and gossip sites.

Keri Hilson: Good. Good. I’m not camera-hungry. That was never part of my dream, to be overexposed. I’d much rather be mysterious.

Here’s some more Keri Hilson photos for you:

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