With over 20 years in the music industry, Digital Underground member Money B has successfully made a career spanning from Hip Hop, television, film, and radio. After the release of D.U.’s final album Cuz A D.U. Party Don’t Stop last year, the Oakland native has continued to make music without the group.

Money B has released four singles on the Mandatory Muzic record label (which he co-founded with fellow D.U. member Cleetis Mack), and will feature guests Crooked I, Ne-Yo, 2Pac, and others. The owners of the label express that they are “dedicated to making sure good music doesn’t become extinct.” One single featuring 2Pac and Scott Knoxx, “I Drink,” can be heard [here].

In addition to music, Money B is currently involved in other ventures such as participating in a documentary to educate at-risk youth, developing new artists, and hosting an adult film site with D.U. member Shock G, “Sex and the Studio.”

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