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Jennifer Hudson is officially an EGOT winner after winning a Tony award at this year's award show.

MAGA rapper Kurt Jantz, aka Forgiato Blow, is seen in a video performing a "back the blue" song on stage with the Proud Boys.

Kwambe Mbalia's famous term “black boy joy” isn't just a hashtag. There's a whole revolution currently exploding across the internet because of the phrase. 

Isaiah Lee says he attacked Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles because of his anti-LGBTQ and pedophile jokes.

In addition to Lupe, Moriba K. Jah, the Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas, and documentary filmmaker Louis Massiah will also teach the program.

Popular internet stars can make millions from ad revenue, and in the wake of controversial relationship guru Kevin Samuels's death, some critics online are wondering if he was really pulling in the high-value salary that he preached. Let's take a look at how popular online personalities like Samuels make bank.

To understand RICO charges better, lets’ take a look at what they actually mean and how they transformed from a law to stop mobsters, into one that puts rappers behind bars. 

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the rapper was charged with two different offenses stemming from old accusations Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and participation in street gang activity.

Best known for playing the role of Eric Effiong in the Netflix series “Sex Education," Gatwa’s ascension to the role marks the debut of the first time that a Black actor will lead the show.

Here are a few famous Black sayings that you may or may not know.

After Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, which Shaun King said was "about white power," King appeared to have deleted his Twitter account in protest. Later, he revealed that he didn't delete his account. He claimed he deactivated it because of death threats.