In today’s edition of WTF news, the hood has again taken something serious and turned it into the Wrestlemania of ratchetness! A group of party promoters in Orlando, Florida are throwing a “Hoodie and Heels” party where the proceeds will go to Trayvon Martin’s family. As if the idea of this type of party weren’t […]

The powers that be have won the war on pink slime, a beef by-product made up of cow intestines, connective tissue and other mystery parts not used in beef cuts. The Nation’s Top Festivals For Foodies While McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King decided in January that they would stop using the filler in their […]

Singer Jaheim was just trying to pay his respects to his hometown shero Whitney Houston. The “Fabulous” singer showed up in NJ to attend the late Pop diva’s funeral but was turned away by security. Adding insult to injury, a photo of the singer wearing a bright blue suit has turned him into a poster […]

Ok, kids. We all know that the Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer is bald. Since his days with the Utah Jazz the man’s hairline has been M.I.A, but there is nothing wrong with a man not having hair. What is a problem is when he tries to hide it with some ridiculous spray on follicles […]

The ladies of The View engaged in a contentious debate over the Susan G. Komen Foundation‘s controversial decision to halt funding to Planned Parenthood. Komen has implemented criteria that bars them from providing grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities, according to spokesperson, Leslie Aun. Since Planned Parenthood is […]

#TwitterAfterDark may never be the same.  Not that humans haven’t become detached enough  from reality, now some innovative onanists found a way to mount a sex toy to your iPad 2. Rather than say, mounting another PERSON. What To Do In The City That Never Sleeps The creators of the Fleshlipad were sitting around one […]

Rapper and actor Mack 10 may need to enlist some West Side connections to get out of this legal mess.  According to TMZ, the former Mr. T-Boz took out two loans from a Tadayuki Ito in 2010 that required he pay back %100 interest, a violation of California’s laws on usery, or loan sharking. California […]

A mother mourning the lose of her child allowed her other son, who is 10 years-old, to get a tattoo in remembrance of his fallen brother on his arm. Chuntera Napier, says she gave her son permission to get the tattoo because it was for good reason. She didn’t allow him to get a “Spongebob” […]

19 year old Gemma Barker of  Staines, Middlesex, London was living a double-double life. According to the folks at Bossip, Barker disguised herself as young men in order to date her younger girlfriends who were 16 and 15 respectively. She created multiple Facebook profiles to bring to life her three alter-egos, Aaron Lamapard, Connor McCormack and […]

Blue Ivy Carter is a newborn and already has haters! After news broke that Queen Beyonce produced an heir to the Carter fortune, some church folk assumed it was the end of the world. A church in West End, North Carolina had the most to say. The Church’s sign read,“Beyonce had her baby. Satan is […]

Since Beyonce announced her pregnancy last fall rumors have swirled about her. Would the child be a boy or girl?  Was she faking the whole thing? Things haven’t chilled out since she gave birth to her healthy daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, over the weekend. And though Mother B. hasn’t spoken out on the incessant allegations, […]

Just when you thought nothing could top the now infamous Drake forehead tattoo, one Kanye West fan has taken Yeezy love to a whole new level. A woman, calling herself “Mrs. Kanye West,” explained in a video why she had his name permanently affixed to her backside. “I put Kanye’s name on my a$$ because […]