Kat Stacks

Our favorite mainstream porn star/ head expert’s TV One’s “Life After” last night.

Trina’s new video for “My Bitches” is essentially chicken heads coming home to roost. Every hero needs theme music, even the ones that list “thunder booty clap” as their special power and this song is tailor made for the wonder women of the clear heel alliance. But that doesn’t make it good.

Kat Stacks must be packing something special in her panties for rappers to still be willing to sleep with her!

Sex sells, we get that– but can you sing, dance, run, jump or do anything worth a second look?

It hasn’t been a good week for Mel Gibson with all those crazy, racist rants being leaked on the internet.

In an interview with DJ Vlad the Internet’s favorite punching bag (literally and figuratively) says she has plans for a reality show and says Lil Wayne is affectionate in bed.

Kat Stacks has been punched, dragged, drunk, sexed, and degraded but she’s still here. She released some new professional pictures of her rocking a black leather dress.

From DDotomen.com According to several sources @IhateKatStacks was partying in D.C. when a fight broke out between her and Vh1’s Hot Wings .

Have you ever noticed that celebrities always have beef, but never actually fight? We have witnessed celebrities refer to their enemy as “ugly, homosexual, a Tae-Bo h*e, negro, rat,” and other unmentionable things but nothing too physical ever happens(unless your 50 Cent and get shot).

From TheBVX.com When ex-NFL great Lawrence Taylor was arrested for allegedly raping a minor, youth sex trafficking hit the national spotlight. In a trend that spans across America, young women, most of whom seem to be lured in to the sex trade with promises of money, shelter and sometimes love, are finding themselves as prostitutes […]

Last week a video surfaced of two men approaching Young Money call girl Kat Stacks [click to watch] at a bar and slapping her around. In the clip the assailants tell her to “apologize” to Fabolous and Bow Wow, making it appear that they sent them.