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When artists become popular to the point fans are clamoring for a photo, autograph, or just a small piece of the artist, the artist is probably wishing we would realize they are people too. While some artists use the fact they are put on a pedastal to slowly distance themselves from their core audience other’s […]

Ask the average hip-hop fan to play word association with Talib Kweli’s name and “romantic” is probably the last word you’ll get. However, over his almost twenty-year career the Brooklyn MC has stacked his catalogue with passionate, flirty and affirmative songs dedicated to the fairer sex like, “Love Language,” “Won’t You Stay,” “Never Been In […]

Any time singer-songwriter Amel Larrieux‘s name gets mentioned, a smile can’t help but slide across one’s lips. Larrieux has been making soundtracks to our heart’s roller coaster ride since 1995. In the beginning, she wrote about love from a very new perspective. On “Tell Me,” Larrieux asked her man to tell her if he was […]

Algebra Blessett is gearing up for the release of her second album, “Recovery,” and she is ready to evolve and grow with R&B. “R&B music is everything that we know,” Blessett said. “Gospel, emotions, songwriting, it’s out feelings just out there on a platter.” With her latest single, “Nobody But You,” she highlights that just […]

When Philadelphia-born singer RES, (born Shareese Renée Ballard) came on the scene in 2001, her single “Golden Boys” and the debut CD that spawned it, “How I Do,” defied categorization. “I think my music is the alternative to what’s going on in R&B. I feel like it always has been,” she tells in our […]

Jadakiss has been in the game for over 15 years, and in that time he’s churned out hits. So if you’re arguing with your friends about who is one of the best rappers and you don’t say Jada, he will want to know ‘why’ — especially because it was his biggest song. “I always wanted […]

Writing songs for others and capturing the spirit of people’s feelings is what brought Sevyn Steeter into the music business, and it’s something she continues to do as a solo artist. “I like to have conversation with the people I’m writing for,” Sevyn said. I wanna know what you’re going through… It can be kind […]

Tiara Thomas made a name for herself on Wale’s single, “Bad,” and she is ready to break away from his shadow with the release of her debut EP, “Dear Sallie Mae.”  She recounted a story of when she told her mom she wanted to drop out of college. It was something her mother didn’t recommend because […]

Longtime DJ extraordinaire Spinderella was one-third of the hottest yet most sexually liberated rap groups of all time, Salt-N-Pepa. The group, who took home a Grammy for rapping about safe sex, was never afraid to  show off their feminine side. Spinderella believes that sex comes to a female entertainer’s advantage, but there’s should be more. MUST […]

  Singer Jhene Aiko is making progress in her career. After linking up with legendary producer No I.D., Aiko is gearing up to release her latest EP “Sail Out.” Due to hit all available outlets on November 12, “Sail Out” features a star-studded list of collaborators. Jhene Aiko has features from Hip-Hop’s man of the […]

With hip-hop becoming a game of rap gods and monsters, it’s refreshing to have voices to provide the occasional reality check. On his latest project “Tangible Dream/The Beauty In All” rapper and producer Oddisee continues to provide the  lyrics and beats that we’ve come to expect from the DMV vet era, but with a little […]

  Detroit rap legend Eminem is proving that legendary status isn’t enough for him. On his latest track “Rap God,” Em cements himself as a rap immortal. Featuring a machine-gun-rapid-fire flow, Eminem pays homage to the rappers who influenced him as a young man such as Ice Cube, Rakim, and Eazy-E, among others. Yet in […]