Nina Simone's legacy will be introduced to new audiences when the film, Nina, starring Zoe Saldana, is released in theaters next month. The biopic tells the story of Simone's relationship with her nurse-turned-manager Clifton Henderson and will highlight the later years of Simone's tumultuous life.


Kanye West has been about the culture since he was a tiny little boy.


A video of a young Kanye West reciting a Martin Luther King Jr.-inspired poem in school has been making its rounds on the internet for years. However, it has picked up circulation his wife Kim Kardashian tweeted the clip on Tuesday (January 20). “I wish I posted this yesterday,” Kardashian said, alluding to Martin Luther King Day. “How […]

“Selma,” the film about the 1965 marches in the Alabama city, opened in theaters today and should top your list of films to see. The film’s passionate, detailed portrayal of the Selma marches has already drawn critical acclaim. While Dr. Martin Luther King is the main character in the film, many other activists and politicians shaped the […]


Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will finally have a shiny theatrical biopic to call his own come Christmas day with the release of Selma. Written and directed by Ava DuVernay, the flick chronicles the events that led to the March on Selma, Alabama for voting rights in the spring of 1965. British actor David Oyelowo will portray King and Carmen Ejogo stars […]

“Sparkle” actress Carmen Ejogo was cast opposite David Oyelowo in “Selma.” Oyelowo will play the civil rights leader Martin Luther King while Ejogo takes a turn as King’s wife Coretta Scott King. The film “Selma” follows the journey of black protestors who marched from Selma to the state’s capital Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 to gain […]

Rev. Jesse Jackson has lived an extraordinary life. Through his civil service, he’s met some of the world’s biggest leaders including Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Rev. Jackson stopped by TUD’s studio and shared some fond memories of two of the biggest civil rights leaders the world will ever know. The best part about […]

How different would the world be if Martin Luther King, Jr. hadn’t been assassinated? The Anti Defamation League imagined what life would be like if the civil rights leader would still be here and how he would continue to push for equality. The video doesn’t just ask what would happen if Martin Luther King were […]


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Civil rights revolutionary, inspirational speaker, national treasure, martyr, leader… and the face of 2 for 1 drink specials! What’s wrong with this picture? Now it’s true, Black people have never shied away from the chance to blame it on the boogie. In fact, I’d […]

The director of a forthcoming movie about Martin Luther King Jr. has vowed he won’t show him in bed with a prostitute.