The 1990s holiday classic “Home Alone” is still one of the most beloved films ever created. Everyone loves watching a small Kevin McAllister wreak havoc on The Wet Bandits. While watching The Wet Bandits being set on fire and hit in the heads with paint cans is hilarious, it’s often forgotten that the injuries sustained […]

In an effort to diversify their income, rappers have taken their talents to the acting side of the entertainment business. In fact, rappers scoring film roles have become so commonplace that nobody bats an eye when they hear about rappers in films. But rewind to the early 90s and it was a huge deal to […]

Actor Mark Wahlberg is trying to fashion himself to be the millennials’ version of Chuck Norris. Well not really, but in his latest film “Lone Survivor,” Wahlberg is back to being the hero. In “Lone Survivor,” Mark Wahlberg is apart of a group of special forces Navy SEALS who are sent on a doomed mission […]

Just when criminals thought it was safe to resume their illegal activities at schools, the men of “21 Jump Street” get a sequel. Everyone from the action-comedy makes a return. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have “graduated” from going undercover at a high school to going undercover as college students to find out about a […]

It’s hard for actors to be successful in the entertainment business when people don’t know your name. Well, in the case of popular actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, he has maintained a steady stream of acting roles despite most fans calling him by the names of his characters rather than his own. The London-born Nigerian made a […]

As an actor, you’re always searching for your next great role. But what happens when you’ve taken a role of one of the most iconic civil rights leaders to ever grace the world with their presence? That’s the question actor Idris Elba has had to ask himself after his role as Nelson Mandela in the […]

British songbird Rita Ora is all about diversifying her income. The singer was recently cast in the film adaptation of the sexy book series “Fifty Shades Of Grey.”   RELATED: Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ Flops According to reports Ora will star as Mia, Christian Grey’s adopted younger sister. If you aren’t familiar (and we don’t know […]

The comedy “Friday” is a comedy classic that has had audiences doubled over in laughter since its debut in 1995. The weed comedy has gone on to spawn several successful sequels. While many of the actors have been excited about a fourth installment in the franchise, one actor isn’t too pleased about a fourth movie. […]

Rapper Kanye West is known for fighting for what he believes in–himself. However, since we haven’t seen him get into a physical fight with anyone, nobody knows if he can scrap. We all assume so because of the way he runs his mouth. (If you talk that much, you should at least be able to […]

If you are in the state of Florida, you better tread lightly when doing anything. You might get beat up or something worse depending on the amount of melanin in your skin. In this case, a man got clocked in his face for not turning his cell phone ringer off.   When 38-year-old Jean Pierre […]

Art is an avenue where one can fully express themselves without fear. Although the viewer of said art is bound to have their own opinion–be it good or bad–they have to respect your point of view. Jamaican film director Storm Saulter is receiving respect for his film “Better Mus’ Come” which depicts the worst time […]