While 50 Cent has been busy collecting checks through other business ventures, his music career hasn’t really been his focus. 50 Cent says he’s in no rush to drop an album because he doesn’t need album money. When he spoke to MTV News about working on his album, 50 stated, “I don’t really need the […]

     This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least for right now. The second season of MTV’s hit show “Catfish” is coming back on June 25. Trickery and deception through social media is rampant, and to see it played out on television is nothing short of scary and riveting. I can’t […]

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  As we reported last week, the troubled MTV reality show, “Buckwild” tragically lost cast member  Shain Gandee.  A little over a week has passed since Gandee’s death and MTV is announcing that they have decided to cease taping of the show. They were in the middle of recording season 2, when 2 members of […]

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  Today has been a roller-coaster of a day for the family, friends and fans of MTV‘s “Buckwild” star Shain Gandee. The 21 year old was first reported missing on Easter Sunday and sadly was discovered inside of his truck today, which was submerged in mud. Gandee was with two others and the official word seems to […]

Not long ago, Audubon of MTV’s “Washington Heights” sat down with us in an exclusive interview! He talked to us about the inspiration for his music, what it means to be Latino, and how “Washington Heights” has helped (but definitely not hurt) his career. Check out the video below, & let us know your thoughts […]

Last night’s episode of MTV’s “Catfish” was one for the books. In the latest tale of online deception, Rod and Ebony  are two “lovers” who have been “seeing” each other online for four years, but have never met.  Ebony has told Rod that she is a transgender man, but Rod is not fazed by it. […]

During a recent episode of  MTV’s RapFix Live with Sway, Chicago-born MC Lupe Fiasco became emotional when discussing the current state of his hometown and the high rate of violence.  There have already been 250 homicides in Chicago this year alone, a 38% increase over the previous year. Like TheUrbanDaily.com on Facebook to stay updated […]

In the latest installment of their popular “Behind The Music” series, VH1 took viewers into the life of one of hip-hop’s most celebrated artists, Nasir Jones. The special delved into everything from Nas’ beginnings in the Queensbridge projects to his battle with Jay-Z and his divorce from R&B singer Kelis. 5 Reasons To See “Think […]

For a long time, people have been wondering where the music went on MTV. The channel heard your gripes and is answering complaints with a new show, Hip-Hop POV. The talk and performance show premieres tonight on MTV at midnight. Hip-Hop POV will be lead in by the new season of America’s Best Dance Crew. […]

A few weeks ago Irv Gotti threw Lloyd under the proverbial bus during an online interview with MTV’s Sway, saying that he had “no love” for his former label signee. So it was only right that Lloyd took the opportunity to respond on Sway’s Shade 45 radio show. While Lloyd harbors no ill will toward […]

MTV’s two idiots are back. Beavis and Butt-head are returning to TV after 14 years of being absent. The creator Mike Judge told Comic Con, he had to bring the two back because he felt like TV was getting too smart. Beavis and Butt-head will be providing their famous commentary to MTV shows like Jersey […]

Eminem has hired MTV’s host Sway Calloway to take over the Shade 45 morning spot. Calloway will be returning to radio with his very own show, “Sway In The Morning.” Sway is no stranger to radio, starting out as the host of the nationally syndicated “The Wake Up Show” with King Tech. The morning show […]