It’s been two quick years since The Foreign Exchange dropped their sophomore album, Leave It All Behind, and they are preparing to drop their third record, Authenticity, in a couple of months.

It’s never easy standing up for anything. Just look at the debacle Talib Kweli has tangled himself in just for recording a song with Gucci Mane. It seems that rappers get labeled as “conscious” depending on what they are against more so than what they are for. In our conversation with Phonte of Little Brother […]

For many fans of Little Brother, “Hiding Place” was one of the shining moments of their critically acclaimed sophomore LP, The Minstrel Show. You had Phonte and Big Pooh teaming up with a  lyrical juggernaut like Slum Village’s Elzhi making it one of the most anticipated team-ups since Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Break out your old school red and blue 3-D glasses to get the full effect of Rhymfest’s latest video, “Say Wassup” featuring Phonte of The Foreign Exchange/Little Brother singing the hook.

In part three of Phonte’s interview with Capone-N-Noreaga he asks the duo, who met in prison, how that experience shaped their careers and their interactions in the music industry.

In part two of Phonte’s interview with Capone-N-Noreaga, the duo give advice to up-coming rappers and make the case for older rappers being able to have careers into their 50s.

Some things you just can’t plan. When we sat down to interview Phonte Coleman of Little Brother and The Foreign exchange about the dissolution of his group there was an obvious feeling of sadness.

Well this is the beginning of the end for Little Brother. This is the first video for their last album as a group, Left Back, which is in stores today.

Phonte of Little Brother and yours truly are back with episode 17 of our podcast, Gordon Gartrell Radio.

From her days singing back-up for Erykah Badu to her current work with Phonte & Nicolay’s The Foreign Exchange project, Yahzarah’s been waiting for her turn to stand out front.

Little Brother’s back with the first single from their last album, Left Back.

After a 5 month hiatus, Phonte and DJ Brainchild have returned with episode 16 of their popular podcast, Gordon Gartrell Radio.